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With Love and Trust and Friends and Hammers: A Flaws mix

So I have received some positive feedback on the Flaws Mix CD mixer, as well as even a few submissions – thank you to those who have participated so far, and I promise to start on your mixes and send you my source material as soon as I’m done with this move! For now, though, in a rare moment of weather-related inspiration while driving a week or to back, I started to devise a summer mix in my head. And so, without further ado, I would like to share with all of you the official Flaws Summer 2009 mix, courtesy of 8tracks.com!

Note that after listening to the mix twice, the license at the 8tracks site requires that subsequent playbacks are shuffled in random order. Now, this frankly irritates somebody like me, who puts a lot of time and thought and energy into timing and sequencing his mixes, even to the point of trying to make the two “sides” more or less of even duration. Therefore, to counteract this grievance, I would like to put an offer out on the table: if, after listening to this mix, you decide that you would like to have it in a more permanent and physical format, I will make and send you a copy of the mix, in exchange for a summer mix of your own.

But, in any case, I hope you listen to and enjoy this mix. And if you’re up for it, consider joining up over at 8tracks.com; it will allow you to discover countless mixes, comment on mixes, follow those of whose mixes you are a fan, and of course upload and share your own mixes!

And I’m serious about the physical copy offer… just e-mail me from the link over to the left. And same thing goes with the Mix CD mixer; it’s an ongoing project! Hooray for overextending oneself!

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