FTC Compliance.

According to FTC guidelines, specifically the “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising,” I, as an amateur blogger, must reveal when there is a “material connection” – such as payment, free product, or some other benefit – between an “endorser” – i.e., myself – and an “advertiser.” The implication is that just because a label is sending me some free music, I am going to be dishonest and allow my assessment – pardon me, my “endorsement” – of its “product” to be swayed by their generosity. I am glad the federal government has such faith in my ethics.

Snarky self-righteousness aside, I intend to make a single blanket compliance statement here on this site to cover all articles, rather than awkwardly mentioning during a review of the new National album that 4AD sent me a free 128kbps mp3 download of the album for the review. (N.b.: they didn’t.) At this point, anyone who knows me should know that I do not change or soften my opinions or otherwise compromise my views to save face for some material gain.

All this said, this is a music blog. Part of marketing artists, especially independent artists, lies in getting the word out, which sometimes means labels, management, or artists themselves send free music to bloggers. You should assume that any recording, event, or example of media I review in these hypertext pages may, in fact, have been gifted to me for the purpose of assessment and review. You should also assume that whether I paid for the product being reviewed or not, you are getting my honest and unbiased opinion on it.

Hope this has me covered.

P.S. Attention labels, management companies, and artists: I like free shit. Feel free to send me free shit, and I will review it. I promise to be honest, and that way neither of us will get in trouble. Deal? Deal.

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